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How Long Does the Battery Last?


From months to 7 years. It mainly depends on the size of the battery. Each beacon in our store has a 'Specification' tab where you can see the manufacturer's estimate of the battery life. 

The battery life also depends on the beacon's settings. We have a blog post on Beacon Battery Size, Type, Capacity and Life. Shorter advertising periods will flatten the battery quicker. Some scenarios, where many GATT connections occur over time, as opposed to normal advertising, can also affect the battery life.

Where the battery is included it will have discharged while the beacon is in sleep mode until it is first used. The manufacturer also uses the battery to perform initial testing. Hence, as mentioned in our terms and conditions, we don't warrant the life of included batteries.

We have developed custom test equipment in-house to measure real time beacon battery use for specific beacon settings. Our consultancy clients gain insights from our learnings and measurements of real-use battery usage and consequent recommendations for battery settings.

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