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Why Doesn't Eddystone URL / The Physical Web Work?


Many problems are caused by people trying to set this up without fully understanding how Eddystone and the Physical web works. We recommend you read:

Eddystone-URL and The Physical Web

Google Nearby Beacons

Our blog has posts on:

Getting Started and Tips

How Do I Manage Physical Web Beacon URLs?

How Do I Use The Google Beacon Tools App to Set Up Eddystone URL?

Why Doesn’t the Web Bluetooth Configuration Page Work?

Is There a Workaround for the Physical Web for Sites That Don’t Have SSL?

How to Set Up Google Nearby Beacons?

We have walkthroughs how to set up Eddystone-URL:

With AnkhMaway Beacons

With AXAET Beacons

We have tips on Troubleshooting Eddystone-URL on iOS and Troubleshooting Eddystone-URL on Android.

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