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How to Set Up Eddystone-URL on Android with AnkhMaway (iB003N, iB001M, iB004N, iB005N, iB001W) Beacons?


Only the iOS configuration app, not Android, has an easy configure screen to set up Eddystone-URL data. Hence, we recommend you use the iOS app. Finding someone with an iOS device will usually be much quicker and easier than trying to encode the URL into the required format.

If you decide you must use Android, an example is provided in the iB003N user guide. (username and password provided on the sticker that came with your beacon). See the section in the guide titled: 'Example 2: Configure this service’s data to Eddystone-URL'. If you need to know what the encoding is, you can see the Eddystone URL spec.

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