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We sometimes get approached by intermediaries to create solutions. Intermediaries are where the work is for their end client and the product owner is the end client rather than our client. Our experience is that such arrangements rarely work well. They suffer from:

  • Low or no funding at the proof of concept stage to do something representative. We end up fronting the technical costs for our client to win the work.
  • During the project, poor communication between our client and their end client can lead to too many misunderstandings. Misunderstandings lead to too much work having to be re-done.
  • End payment is usually very late due to it being based on end client payment that the intermediary hasn't controlled well. 

Sorry, we do not take on intermediary projects because they have too much commercial risk compared to other opportunities. We do offer beacons, gateways and feasibility studies to help you create your own solutions.

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