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How Do I Connect to ABSniffer 502?

  • Make sure you use the drivers provided by AprilBrother. The default Windows 7/10 drivers don't work. Ignore any security message you might get from Chrome/Windows - these drivers are ok to use. The AprilBrother drivers are derived from the BLE-stack v1.4.2 from Texas Instruments. It's also possible to download the TI SDK and extract the drivers from C:\Texas Instruments\BLE-CC254x-\Accessories\Drivers. Once installed, you should see something like 'TI CC2540 USB CDC Serial Port (COM3)' in Windows devices.
  • Make sure you are using 115200 baud and ending sending with \r\n (CR LF in most terminal emulators)
  • Customers have had problems using Putty and Tera Term. Try termite instead.
  • If you still have trouble, reset your PC/laptop as the com port might be locked.
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