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Is it possible to read the beacon data from 3rd party hardware such as Arduino / Raspberry Pi ?
Yes, single board computers can scan for beacons and connect to them via Bluetooth GATT. We have a related post on our blog.
Why do the technical area links open to a blank web page in Safari?
Many of the links are PDF files. Your browser can't read PDF files for some reason. Try:
Why isn't the Beacon Connectable?
We have a blog post on Why Doesn’t the Manufacturer’s Configuration App Connect?
Can You Send the Product Technical Area Username and Password as I have Lost the Packaging?
Please create a support ticket with your name and order number. We will look up your order and send you the username and password.
How to Calibrate the AnkhMaway SHT Temperature/Humidity Sensor?
The long term drift of the sensor is <0.04℃/yr and <0.5%RH/yr so in most applications it doesn't usually need calibration. If you need accuracy better than this you will need to calibrate in t...
The Username and Password for the Technical Area Don't Work
Ensure you are using the username and password on the sticker on the beacon packaging, not the BeaconZone web store password. Also, make sure you are entering exactly the correct username and password...
What is the Password for the Technical Area?
The username and password are on the sticker that came on the BeaconZone beacon packaging when you purchased. If you have lost the sticker, please contact us with your name and order number. If you ha...
How To Change the Axaet Password?
we have a blog post How to Change the Password on an Axaet Beacon?
How to Read the AnkhMaway Sensor Data?
We have a blog post on this issue.
What's The Format of the AnkhMaway Advertising Acceleration Data?
We have a blog post on this issue.
Why Doesn’t The Beacon Achieve The Specified Range?
We have a blog post on this issue. The beacon orientation can also affect the range. Check on another phone as the range can also vary depending on the capability of the receiving device. Also see
On Android, Why Doesn't the Manufacturer Configuration App Work?
Most problems are connection problems. We have a blog post on Why Doesn’t the Manufacturer’s Configuration App Connect?
I Received the Beacons Today. How Do I Configure Them?
Look for the 'Instructions' leaflet that came with the beacons. There's also a sticker on the beacon packaging with a link that leads to a web site with instructions and apps specific to your beacons.
Is There an App to See or Find the Beacons?
Once you have set up your beacons, they can be seen by lots of apps. Search for for 'Bluetooth scanner' in the Play and App stores. We prefer the Nordic nRF Connect app.
How Do I Know What Mode the Axaet Beacon is in?
When you connect with the 'Eddystone' app it only shows the settings for that mode. That way, you implicitly know the mode. When you first receive the beacon it is most likely in iBeacon mode. The num...
How Do I Change the Axaet Beacon Name?
Please read the instructions in the Axaet Technical Information.
How Do I Connect to the AnkhMaway Beacon Again?
Having connected to and configured an AnkhMaway beacon to advertise all the time, it doesn't mean it's connectable all the time. As mentioned in the Quick Start, in order to re-enter the configuratio...
It Doesn't Work? What Do I Do?
We have a blog post on troubleshooting beacon problems.
Why is the Manufacturer Configuration App in Chinese?
Most configuration apps contain translations for English and Chinese. If run on a phone not set to one of these languages, it can default to the app author's native language - Chinese. Set the phone t...
Do Beacons Keep Their Settings When There's a Loss of Power?
We have a blog post on this topic.
What is the Power Value in the AnkhMaway eBeacon App Configure Screen?
It is the measured power value. We have a blog post explaining measured power. In most cases you won't need to change this from the default value of 203 (decimal) = 0xCB (hex) = -53 (signed decimal). ...
Is there a Charge for the Sensoro Beacon Mass Deployment Tool?
Sensoro provide this free of charge. You can view the capabilities, learn more and login at:
How Do I Open The Battery Compartment on the iB003N That I am Unable to Open?
There are two small dots that need to align. Look at the beacon in good light and you will see the dots. If you can't get the top off with the dots aligned, tap the beacon hard on the back to cause th...
How Do I Change The Bluetooth Beacon Name?
Some manufacturer apps allow you to change the beacon Bluetooth name, others don't. Sometimes this changes the whole name and sometimes things like the device id or a fixed id are pre-pended or append...
How Do I Set Simultaneous Advertising Using eBeacon?
Setting the beacon state (0x2A80) can be done in two ways, either from the 'easy' form based Configure screen or via the Service Characteristics. The easy Configure screen assumes you only want one ty...
What are the AnkhMaway iB003N Packet Formats?
The iBeacon packet is standard iBeacon. Here are some posts from our blog on decoding packets:
Why Doesn't My Long Range Beacon Transmit Far Indoors?
A long range beacon won't help you go through walls or other obstacles that block Bluetooth. A more powerful beacon will only have a small additional affect going through walls than a less powerful on...
What Do I Set the Broadcast Interval to? What are the units?
The broadcast interval in AnkhMaway beacons is in units of 100 millliseconds. Hence setting to 10 (or 0x0A if via Bluetooth Characteristics) is equivalent to 10 * 100 (ms) = 1(s). We have an article ...
How Do I Connect to ABSniffer 502?
Make sure you use the drivers provided by AprilBrother. The default Windows 7/10 drivers don't work. Ignore any security message you might get from Chrome/Windows - these drivers are ok to use. The A...
Who Do You Provide Technical Support to?
We only provide technical support to purchasers. Furthermore, we only provide technical support to people mentioned in the original order or people they have said the beacons have been given to. We pr...
What's the Beacon Password?
You will find a sticker on the plastic bag or packaging for the beacons. This provides a link and username/password for the technical area. Depending on the manufacturer, the technical area sometimes ...
How to Modify Data Using Minew U1 UART?
The UART interface requires that you reboot the device after changing data via UART commands. The soft reboot needs to use the password for DATA: 0x4154 + 0xFFFF + DATA + 0x0D So for minew123 (the def...
How Soon Will You Reply to a Support Ticket?
We aim to reply to support tickets and subsequent replies to support tickets within 24hrs. In most cases, during UK business hours (Monday to Friday), we reply much quicker. If you haven't heard from ...
How Do I Know a Beacon's MAC Address?
We have an article on our blog that will help.
How to replace the PC062 battery?
The top snaps on and off. It's difficult to prise the off the top with hands because it's tight as it needs to be waterproof. If you use a screwdriver you will probably mark or damage the case. What w...
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