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Where is My Delivery?
The pandemic and Brexit are currently causing delays to some UK and international shipments. If your shipment has been delayed and the movement has stalled we kindly ask that you be patient and contin...
What does UPS "holding the cargo at a secure facility, pending instructions and agreement." mean?
This UPS status can happen at two stages in an international package journey: 1. When still in the UK. This is when the shipment is in export customs. The 'instructions and agreement' is internal to ...
Why Does UPS Say "A missing commercial invoice is causing a delay"?
The UPS tracking sometimes says "A missing commercial invoice is causing a delay". We don't know why this happens. We always send x3 invoices in the shipping pouch and x1 inside the package. This situ...
What Happens If I Refuse Delivery Of An International Order?
Goods are supplied Delivered At Place Arrival Point (DAP) which means you are responsible for any taxes, duty and fees applicable when the goods enter your country. If you refuse delivery then the cou...
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