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What are the Import Fees for International Sales?


There are four charges:

1) Tax (VAT in the EU). This is the goods tax rate in your country. Businesses can usually reclaim this cost on their accounting VAT return.

2) Duty. This is usually a small percentage. Our customs declaration is such that it should be 0% for countries in the EU.

3) Courier disbursement. This is a fee made by the courier for assessing and collecting the import fees. It's usually of the order of €15 Euros in the EU.

As VAT is usually reclaimable, the main import cost for businesses is usually the cost of the courier disbursement.

There's also a de-minimis limit below which import fees are not assessed. This varies by country. It is $800 for the USA. The de-minimis limit for the EU is €22 that changes to €0 from July 2021.

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