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What are the Import Fees for International Sales?


There are four charges:

1) Tax (VAT in the EU). This is the goods tax rate in your country. Businesses can usually reclaim this cost on their accounting VAT return.

2) Duty. This is usually a small percentage. Our customs declaration is such that it should be 0% for countries in the EU.

3) Courier disbursement. This is a fee made by the courier for assessing and collecting the import fees. It's usually of the order of €15 Euros in the EU.

4) Tax or VAT on the courier disbursement. Again, businesses can reclaim this cost on their accounting VAT return.

As VAT is usually reclaimable, the main import cost for businesses is usually the cost of the courier disbursement.

There's also a de-minimis limit below which import fees are not assessed. This varies by country. It is $800 for the USA. The de-minimis limit for the EU is €22 that changes to €0 from July 2021.

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