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Choosing Beacon Products
Which Beacons Send a Message/Notification to Phones?
I Want to Send a Message Out To Passers By. How Does it Work? Are Beacons Suitable?
How Long Does the Battery Last?
Which Beacons Support iBeacon and Eddystone Simultaneously?
Is iBeacon or Eddystone Best for My Particular Situation?
I am a Marketer, How Can I Use Beacons to Send Out Messages?
Which Beacons Don't Require Registration/Login/Subscription to a Platform to Configure Them?
How Far Can Beacons Transmit?
Is it Possible to Do This With Beacons?
Is it possible to have a phone notification that once clicked will take the customer to our website?
Which Beacons Can Be Configured to Transmit Only When Moving?
Where Can I Find a Beacon Software Solution that Does xyz?
Can You Set the Maximum Range For a Beacon?
Do Beacons Include Batteries?
Which Beacons Have What Sensors?
How Do I Track People with Beacons?
Where are the Products Sent From?
Which Beacons Work With External Mains Electrical Power?
What's the Specification of This Beacon?
Does BeaconRTLS Support Bluetooth Angle of Arrival (AoA)?
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How Do I Track My International Order?
Do You Have a Shop Where I Can View or Buy Beacons?
Can You zero VAT orders for VAT Registered Companies in the EU?
Can You Ship Outside The United Kingdom?
Do You Provide Discounts for Large Quantities?
Do You Have This Beacon In Stock?
Is it Possible to Pay for the Order via Wire Transfer?
Why isn't UPS Standard Delivery Available?
Do You Accept Purchase Orders?
I Haven't Received My Order. Where's my Order?
We Want to Make a Large Order, Do You Provide Sample Beacons?
It says No Shipping options are available. Please contact us for assistance!
Do You Offer Saturday Delivery for Friday Orders?
When I Go to Pay, Why is it Declined with a Post Code Check Fail?
Are You Able To Provide Beacons With Zero Rated VAT to UK Health Providers?
Unable to validate VAT number?
Can you use our FedEx, UPS, DHL account to send our order?
Do You Have More TON9108 in Stock?
What's the Difference Between Free Beacon Support and Paid Solution Support?
Custom Software

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